Insurers Excuses in cycling related claims
March 29, 2024

Insurers’ Excuses

Insurers’ excuses as to why their policyholder might not be entirely at fault for a collision are varied and numerous….

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Paul's story

Paul’s Story

Paul was involved in a road traffic collision on his bicycle….

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George's story about his cycling collision

George’s story

Cyclist, George Popp, and specialist cycling Lawyer, Jodi Gordon, review George’s cycling collision, his personal injuries, financial loss, and damage to his bike….

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Dougie's story about a dooring incident which knocked him off his bicycle.

Dougie’s Story

Dougie and his specialist cycling Lawyer, Jodi, share the story of Dougie’s dooring incident which knocked him off his bike, broke his finger and damaged his shoulder….

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Philippe's story of how he was hit from behind on my bicycle by a taxi.

Philippe’s Story

Recovery from psychological trauma can be just as important as recovery from physical injuries. Early rehabilitation is key for both….

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Marcia Ferreira, Motorcycle Law Scotland client
March 27, 2024

Marcia’s Story

Portuguese motorcyclist, Marcia Ferreira, tells the story of how she was involved in a collision on her motorcycle when a car pulled out across her path….

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Bob’s Story

Experienced motorcyclist, Bob Crawley, tells his story….

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Jimmy Millar, Motorcycle Law Scotland client

One man’s journey – Jimmy Millar

This video tells the story of Jimmy Millar who was involved in a very serious motorcycling collision at the Lix Toll petrol station, situated on the A85 between Crianlarich and Lochernhead, in 2015….

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Paul King, Motorcycle Law Scotland client

A collaborative approach – placing the victim at the centre of the claims process

In May 2017, following a motorcycling collision at the Gordon Arms crossroads in the Scottish Borders, Paul King’s life changed for ever….

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Cycle Law
March 13, 2024

CLS Webinar Series

The CLS webinar series is made up of Zoom based webinar presentations on a whole range of topics related to cycling collisions, compensation claims and the Civil Law process….

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Motorcycle Law

MLS Webinar Series

The MLS webinar series is made up of Zoom based presentations covering a whole range of different topics related to motorcycling collisions, compensation claims and Civil Law….

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#Take Another Look leaflet


As motorcyclists, we know that their experience is repeated time and time again. Evidence from both criminal and civil proceedings shows that many motorcyclists have met similar fates or suffered life changing injuries because of motorists’ negligence. Despite this, the Scottish Government continues to put the emphasis on improving rider behaviour at the exclusion of all else….

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