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The job we do is incredibly rewarding, but the truth is we do meet people at the worst possible time in their lives.

In the summer of 2018, I met Chris from Swinton in Rotherham. Chris had been involved in a serious motorcycling collision on the 16th of June that year whilst taking part in a charity event known as the Iron Butt which involved a 1000 mile ride in twenty-four hours.  He was on his own at the time riding a KTM 1290 Super Adventure T. He was an experienced rider, but unfortunately, in the North of Scotland on the A9 near a small hamlet of Lothbeg, a car pulled out in front of him. You can read his case study.

Chris sustained devastating injuries; his left femur was fractured in a number of places and had to be pinned and plated. His right tibia and fibula were horribly fractured and again required surgical intervention by plating and pinning. His right arm was shattered.

Chris lived with his fiancée Tracy and they were both keen motorcyclists.

I visited them on a number of occasions. Chris lost his job as a result of his devasting injuries. His recovery was incredibly slow due to non-union of his femur fracture. We worked with him over a long period of months and stood by his side as we raised proceedings in Court.

The driver who caused the collision blamed Chris. We fought for Chris and working with a whole team including Counsel, we secured a substantial settlement for him.

That settlement gave him financial security for the future. His case settled in early March 2022. It may seem like a long period of time, but the surgeons could not provide accurate reports upon which we could value his claim until Chris finally recovered from his injuries as best he could.

I got to know Chris and Tracy really well during my visits to Rotherham. When a case settles, that’s our job done, but I do often wonder what happens to our former clients. We hope that they get back to motorcycling and the life they had pre-accident, but often we don’t hear.

In November last year, I was delighted to hear from Chris well after his case had settled. The email started with the following:

“Ay up flower!”

Chris told me that he had found alternative employment and, being a desk-based job, it was something he could easily do. He had bought a new bike and was planning to tour Italy this year. He sent me an email telling me to keep my motorcycle in a state of readiness as he and his fiancée would get some routes ready.

And his luck changed as in December when he entered a competition and won. This is what Chris sent to us.

“I was at the bike show at Birmingham. Just before we left to go home, I noticed there was a raffle for a track/race bike that had loads of motorcycle related autographs on, tyre warmers, garage mat and an Abba stand, all in aid of the Yorkshire Air Ambulance.  So, I bought a tenners worth! Since my accident, I’ve always tried to donate whenever possible to NHS or Air Ambulance causes; they were there for me and it’s nice to give a little back. The next day, Tracy and I were off to visit my Dad and I got a phone call to say that Jamie Whittam had pulled my ticket out and I’d won the main prize! The bike was delivered a couple of weeks later and now it’s standing on show at my place of work! I subsequently donated £500 to the Air Ambulance as a thank you! One great Christmas present and a very happy Chris!”

Chris Birmingham

This is the best part of our job. It’s always good to hear from our clients post-accident and it’s even better when they get back to doing what they love. As motorcyclists ourselves, we understand the passion for riding and, for me, it’s always nice to get an email that starts ‘Ay up Flower’. It’s testimony to the service we provide in a friendly manner, knowing our clients trust us to deliver the best outcome. I’m so thrilled for Chris as he deserved a change in his luck!!


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