Zara CBT

As a Solicitor at RTA LAW LLP, I represent vulnerable road users (cyclists and motorcyclists) who have sustained personal injury through no fault of their own. I’m a keen cyclist and have been riding for many years but, up until last month, I had never ridden a motorcycle, been a pillion passenger or even hired a scooter on holiday.

So, when the opportunity arose to sit my CBT test, I jumped at it. I hoped that this would give me some insight as to how our clients feel when riding out on the roads. Whilst I cycle on the road and know how it feels to be a vulnerable road user, being on two wheels with an engine turned out to be a very different experience for me.

I undertook my CBT at Saltire Motorcycles in Edinburgh, along with my colleague Jo, under the instruction of Brian. I had brushed up on a few aspects of the Highway Code the night before but arriving at Saltire Motorcycles and seeing the motorcycles that we were going to use made me realise just what a very new experience this was going to be for me.

We started the training by learning all about the motorcycle and how to operate it. I’ve been a car driver for eleven years now which means that I do not always think about what my hands are feet are doing. However, quickly learning that your hands control your clutch and not your feet was all very new. The training in the yard was very helpful and Brian could not have been more patient and clear with his instructions. My brain was definitely in overdrive.

The next part of our training was out on the road. Brian ensured that myself and Jo were comfortable before going out and that our radios were working. Having Brian in my ear providing instructions and following behind made me feel very safe. I consider my hazard perception skills to be very good from being a car driver, doing what I do as a job and also cycling on the roads where I am constantly looking out for potential hazards.

Zara CBT

I thoroughly enjoyed being out on the road riding the motorcycle. The training in the yard was very intense and there was so much to learn and absorb. However, being out on the road and putting into practice what we had been taught was very enjoyable. Of course, I did stall the bike once or twice, but this was to be expected.

We arrived back at Saltire having ridden on the road for a couple hours. I felt a great sense of achievement regarding what I had accomplished in just one day from having never ridden a motorcycle or scooter ever before. Even just in the few hours on the road, I felt very comfortable riding the motorcycle and actions became intuitive. I was delighted to pass and receive the certificate.

I would highly recommend Saltire Motorcycles to anyone thinking about doing their CBT. I’ve told friends and family about my experience and now some are also thinking about sitting their CBT too. I feel that I now have a better understanding about how it feels to ride a motorcycle on the road as a vulnerable road user. I’m delighted to be part of a Law firm where all either have a full motorcycle licence or a CBT. This really does show that we know what it feels like to on the road and better enables us to assist our clients with this knowledge and understanding. #BecauseWeRideToo

Zara CBT

Zara Jones, Senior Solicitor

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