The CLS webinar series is made up of Zoom based webinar presentations on a whole range of topics related to cycling collisions, compensation claims and the Civil Law process.

#1 Common Cycling Collisions, compensation and Civil Law

#2 Cycling injury claims, compensation and damaged bike assessments.

#3 The Claims process and what to do in the event of an accident.

#4 Hazards and road surface defects. Case studies and case law.

#5 Uninsured/untraced drivers/Hit and runs and the MIB. Case studies.

#6 Rural roads and cycle routes – case studies and case law.

#7 Common cycling injuries and valuing a claim.

#8 Complex injuries, Heads of claim and rehabilitation.

#1 Common Cycling Collisions, compensation and Civil law

Zara Jones, one of our specialist cycling Lawyers, will cover the common cycling accident scenarios we see on a daily basis and how we look after our injured cycling clients to get them back on their feet again.

#2 Cycling compensation claims, insurers and damaged bike assessments

This is No #2 of 8 in the CLS Webinar series discussing all aspects of cycling collisions, compensation and Civil Law. In this webinar, Thomas Mitchell, specialist cycling Solicitor, talks about the claims process, interaction with insurers of third parties and the damaged bike assessment form. This has been developed to enable bike shops across Scotland provide qualified assessments for the repair or replacement of bicycles which have been involved in road traffic accidents.

#3 The Claims process and what to do if you are involved in an accident

Zara Jones, specialist cycling Lawyer at Cycle Law Scotland, looks a little more closely at the claims process, what’s involved, timescales and how we engage with the third party insurer in order to reach a satisfactory settlement for your damages, injury and loss. She then briefly outlines the key things you should remember to try and do if you are unfortunate enough to be involved in a road traffic incident on your bicycle.

#4 Hazards and road surface defects for cyclists using case studies and case law

In this webinar which is #4 of #8, Roz Boynton, Cycle Law Scotland’s Aberdeen based Lawyer, discusses hazards and road surface defects which can cause cyclists to be thrown from their bicycles and suffer injury, damage and/or loss. She discusses CLS cases where clients have been injured due to potholes, railway crossings, diesel spills and bridge expansion joints.

#5 Uninsured/untraced drivers/Hit and runs and the MIB. Case studies.

Jodi Gordon, Partner at Cycle Law Scotland and keen cyclist, discusses cycling incidents where cyclists have been injured but the driver has left the scene or the offending vehicle is uninsured. Jodi will talk in detail about the MIB (Motor Insurers’ Bureau) Untraced and Uninsured schemes using Cycle Law Scotland case studies.

#6 Cycling accidents on rural roads, group riding and cycle paths.

Thomas Mitchell, CLS solicitor and cyclist, takes a look at some case law and case studies where Cycle Law Scotland has represented cyclists injured on rural roads, when group riding and on cycle paths. He discusses Sandison v Coope (2016) where a dog runs out in front of a cyclist on a blind bend, Sally Nicol v Andrzej Kupinski (2017) where a lorry driver pulls out into the path of a group of 4 cyclists and finally Pleathean-Hubble v Coles (2012) where a cyclist on a cycle lane veers off into the path of a car. In the case studies, he talks about a CLS case where a cyclist was hit from behind by a car travelling in excess of 50mph, he covers an incident on a bridge where a bicycle wheel becomes lodged between slats throwing the rider off and finally an energetic Tesco van driver who forces a cyclist off the road and keeps on going.

#7 Common Cycling injuries and valuing a claim

Zara Jones, Solicitor and cyclist, looks at common cycling injuries, how they happen, how they are treated and how they are valued in a personal injury claim. She refers to CLS case studies where cyclists have been injured and reviews both the physical and psychological impacts plus the treatment to get cyclists fit again and back on their bikes.

#8 Complex injuries, Heads of claim and rehabilitation

Jodi Gordon, CLS Partner and cyclist, looks at the more complex type of injuries which can result from serious cycling related road traffic collisions. These include brain injuries, spinal injuries and amputations. She will discuss the various heads of claim which can apply to these types of cases and the rehabilitation plans which can be put in place to help with these potentially life-changing injuries.

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MLS Webinar Series

March 13, 2024

The MLS webinar series is made up of Zoom based presentations covering a whole range of different topics related to motorcycling collisions, compensation claims and Civil Law.

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