Euan Baikie - Marketing Executive

For as long as I can remember I have had an interest in motorcycles. The sound, the freedom they can give you, the sense of adventure and the culture has drawn me in. I have fond memories of being around motorbikes as a young lad and I always imagined I’d have one when I grew up.

I’ve put off starting my motorcycle journey many times but that all changed when I joined the Motorcycle Law Scotland team in August of last year.

Being surrounded by colleagues who share that passion made me realise the opportunity was now. Attending the Scottish Motorcycle Show in March of this year fuelled me further. Riding a motorcycle is not just a mode of transport for many, but a genuine passion and way of life.

Having already completed my CBT I wanted to progress to a full licence. Step one on that journey is learning the theory. Going back to basics with a theory test after too many years to mention was certainly a learning curve. Doing this alongside training for my IAM Advanced Driver qualification gave me a better understanding of where I had developed ‘bad’ habits on the road. It made me think carefully about the potential danger every time I get behind the wheel and the impact a minor lapse of concentration may cause. I must admit that my knowledge of the Highway Code wasn’t up to scratch, and I certainly couldn’t name every road sign. I’m sure that would be the case for many!

After driving for around 20 years, I always felt I was a very competent driver but being on a motorcycle and the vulnerability that comes with that made me realise there were several areas I could improve. Being out on two wheels changed my perspective as a driver.

Sadly, I see first-hand the number of motorcyclists injured and even killed on Scotland’s roads. I am also well aware of the devastation that can cause. That is why I think it is so important to get behind the #TakeAnotherLook campaign. There are so many safety campaigns and messages out there that target motorcyclists, but we know that the majority of serious incidents involving bikers are down to the fault of a driver. The narrative needs to change.

I have booked in for my full motorcycle test training at the end of May. My colleague Jack will be tagging along too. I hope to be able to lean on some of my far more experienced colleagues to show me the ropes when I finally get out on two wheels. With four advanced motorcyclists in the Motorcycle Law Scotland team, there is a wealth of knowledge and experience to draw from. I look forward to being able to join them on adventures in the not-too-distant future…all going well!

I am also well aware that training does not end with passing a test. I am already thinking of how to gain further experience to ensure I am as safe on the road as possible and to make myself the best I can be. I would certainly want to explore options such as the IAM Advanced Rider course and Police Scotland’s Rider Refinement.

Going back to basics with my theory test reminded me of how little awareness there is for the safety of vulnerable road users and how important education is for everyone using our roads.  That’s why #TakeAnotherLook is so vital to reduce serious and fatal incidents.

Euan Baikie – Marketing Executive

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