At Motorcycle Law Scotland, we will deal with your claim efficiently and effectively and in the shortest possible time without risking the success of your case or the value of your claim.

We will provide you with realistic timescales at the outset. If you have made a full recovery from your injuries, you can expect to have your case dealt with within six months. Where you have not made a full recovery, we will assess the value of your claim when we know the full extent of your injuries and any long-term consequences.

Once the claim has been submitted to the third party’s insurance company, they will have 21 days within which to note interest in the claim and thereafter 12 weeks to investigate liability. During that period, we will fully prepare your case.

If the case has to be raised in Court, we will provide you with a realistic timescale regarding the Court case and will keep you updated on the progress of your claim.

The Legal Process can take some time but at Motorcycle Law Scotland we set out the timescales clearly and communicate effectively. We care about our clients. We are here for you, where you need us and when you need us. We guide you through the unknown.

Changing Solicitors

Secondary Victims

If you've witnessed a traumatic accident, or near-miss accident, of a loved one and have had to seek medical advice on your mental health following the accident, then we may be able to help you. 

Legal Protection

No Financial Risk

Our experienced motorcycling solicitors will assess your case and will advise on the prospects of success. The advantage to you is that we will accept the risk. This means that we won’t ask you for any payment upfront. We will fund your case and, in the unlikely event you are unsuccessful, you walk away with nothing to pay.

Our Recent Case Studies

Andy Seaton and motorcycle

U-turn causes motorcycle collision

U-turn in stationary traffic causes motorcycle collision because driver fails to look.

VW collides with motorcyclist

An old VW campervan turns towards a layby and collides with an overtaking motorcyclist.

Fighting for Justice

James and his son were thrown off his motorcycle when a car pulled out from a side road as they were overtaking.

Justice prevails for injured motorcyclist

Justice prevails for motorcyclist who is charged for excess speed while car pulls across his path just after the brow of a hill.

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