This important information is prepared for you and your relatives.  It is intended to guide you through the unknown world of insurance and personal injury claims in the event of you being injured or incapacitated in a motorcycle accident.

As well as being able to act on your behalf on a ‘no win no fee’ basis if you are not responsible for the accident, we feel it is important that your relatives are guided by experts.

Motorcycle Law Scotland staff all ride motorcycles.  We are experts in Law, Insurance, and Policing.  These are some of our recommendations:



  • Ensure your closest relatives can access your Insurance Policy. Contact your Insurer and nominate an individual to speak on your behalf. They will add this name to the notes on your policy.
  • Ensure your closest relatives can access your bank details. Give them Online Banking access.
  • Have a Power of Attorney (POA) in place. They cost £82 and last a lifetime. It allows your Attorney(s) to deal with your financial affairs, and if necessary, your future care. (We can help guide you through this process.)
  • Get your V5, bike receipts and servicing records together.

Retain all your important information including Insurance, Banking, POA, bike information, and our details, in a central location.  Tell your closest relatives where that is.



Take the following steps if you’re able to:

  • Get yourself to a place of safety.
  • Move away from a damaged motorcycle.
  • Call the emergency services with an exact location. We highly recommend that you download the ‘What3Words’ app onto your phone.
  • Note other vehicle registration numbers.
  • Note details of any witnesses.
  • Take plenty of photographs.
  • Obtain Police Officer names and stations.
  • Contact Motorcycle Law Scotland as soon as possible (0333 555 7782)
  • DO NOT let your Insurer appoint a Solicitor.