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Unravelling the complexity and decoding motor insurance claim mechanics

The mechanics of a motor insurance claim can be complicated, and often full of terminology that the lay person is unfamiliar with.  Terms such as ‘third party’, ‘liability’, ‘contributory negligence’, and many others are commonplace, so without somebody taking the time to explain them to you, they can lead to confusion, uncertainty, and anxiety when you are injured, and at a time when you least need that additional stress in your life.

Pitfalls of unscrupulous practices and safeguarding yourself from exploitative tactics

Very often insurance claims are circled and shadowed by unscrupulous companies and individuals, whose only purpose is to make as much money as possible from the unfortunate victim.  At RTA Law LLP, we have seen courtesy vehicles being delivered to the homes of injured people who are still in High Dependency Units. We have seen companies asking for signatures on documents stating that you may have to pay for those vehicles, or where the small print makes you agree to handing over up to 25% of your injury compensation.

The role of Insurance companies and understanding the fine print and potential pitfalls

These people become involved in your claim because Insurance Companies do not really want to deal with them; they can be complex and time consuming, and after all, your Insurer probably only charged you a few hundred pounds for your policy, so why would they want to spend any time dealing with your claim?  If you are not responsible (liable) for the accident, Insurance Companies often only take a note of your claim and then hand it to a Panel Solicitor or to an Accident Management Company. Either one of these companies may have bought your claim from an insurer and, if this is the case, then somebody has to pay for that. Unfortunately, that somebody could be you.

Choosing your path and deciding on benefits and legal protection in your insurance policy

It all begins when you take out your motor insurance policy. In many cases, Insurance Companies are now asking if you want to add and pay for “benefits”, such as a courtesy vehicle, the ability to take a pillion on a motorcycle, or cover for you to ride or drive another person’s vehicle on a third-party basis.

The Legal expense dilemma and why choosing your own Solicitor matters

Another added ‘benefit’ being offered is Legal Expense or Legal Protection. This is often taken by policyholders because ‘Legal Protection’ seems to be a sensible essential. However, what legal expense or legal protection cover actually gives you is access to an Insurance Company’s recommended Panel Solicitor; somebody you do not know, and who will probably never make any effort to get to know you.

It strikes me as odd that you might pay for access to this service when you can walk into any Solicitor office on any high street and get that access for nothing. Access to the law is free. We will always afford you 30 minutes of free advice if you call us on 0333 5557782 because we serve the motorcycle community. We want to get to know you and, if we can, we will help you because we care about you.

Specialised assistance and the importance of a Personal Injury Solicitor for motorcyclists

I think it makes much more sense that when you need a Solicitor, you choose one of your own. You should choose a Solicitor most appropriate for your need, such as you would when buying a property, or splitting from a partner, as opposed to having one allocated to you when you are seriously injured. In many cases, an insurance appointed Panel Solicitor does not have the specialist Personal Injury (PI) knowledge that is required to guide you through the unknown if you are injured through no fault of your own, whereas at Motorcycle Law Scotland, we most certainly do.

Motorcycle Law Scotland – Your dedicated partner in Personal Injury claims

At Motorcycle Law Scotland, we specialise in handling personal injury claims for injured motorcyclists, nothing else. These are claims arising from an incident where a motorcyclist is injured through no fault of their own while travelling on the public highway in Scotland.

Free Consultation, no membership and a transparent approach to legal support

Access to our specialist team of Solicitors, all of whom are advanced motorcyclists is absolutely free at the point when you need us most.  There is no club, no fee, no membership, and no doubt we will take care of you.

No Win, No Fee – exploring the success fee system for fair compensation

You can contact us on our dedicated telephone number 0333 5557782 and it will cost you absolutely nothing at that point. We operate on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis, meaning your only fee will be a small percentage of your compensation when we win your case. This is known as a success fee.

Personalised Care and how Motorcycle Law Scotland puts your needs first

On first contact with us, you will be put directly through to one of our team who will get to know you and your needs and will take a detailed account of what has happened to you, as opposed to merely sending you out a questionnaire in the post. From there, your claim will be allocated to the most appropriate Solicitor, who will progress your claim in the most appropriate way.

In the unfortunate event that you are injured on the road, and it is through no fault of your own, please call us on 0333 5557782 for immediate advice and please stay away from an Insurance appointed Panel Solicitor at all costs.

Ewen Stewart – Head of Legal Support

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