E-Scooters – Navigating Legal Challenges and Safety Concerns

EV Law News
December 6, 2023

New regulations introduced in England require hirers of rental e-scooters to provide their full name and driving licence number.

Rental Scooter Image

DfT Contract to define e-scooter regs

EV Law News
July 14, 2023

TRL and WMG win DfT contract to help define e-scooter regulations in the UK


Best practice guide for Cities

EV Law News
March 16, 2023

5 leading E-Scooter firms team up to produce a 'best practice' guide for cities.

Lady on an E-Scooter

Shared E-Scooter incident Data

EV Law News
January 12, 2023

E-Scooter Micro-mobility association publishes first-of-its-kind incident data involving shared e-scooters.


Legalisation delays

EV Law News
December 15, 2022

Planned laws to legalise private e-scooters face delay.

E-Scooter rider

E-scooter rider sues council

EV Law News
December 1, 2022

Illegal e-scooter rider sues council for £30,000 over pothole crash which broke her leg.

IAM RoadSmart

‘E-scooter slaying must end’ IAM RoadSmart plea

EV Law News
October 11, 2022

Tenfold increase in E-scoooter deaths in just one year. Regulation is deperately needed now.

East Sussex e-scooter

East Sussex e-scooter rider jailed for injuring elderly woman

EV Law News
September 27, 2022

An e-scooter rider in East Sussex who has knocked over an elderly woman (Aged 79) whilst trying to evade police has been found guilty and jailed for his misconduct.

crash escooter hertfordshire

E-scooter rider went straight into a 4×4 after riding across a junction without looking

EV Law News
August 18, 2022

Just one week ago a horrifying incident was captured by a dashcam in Hertfordshire, as an e-scooter rider went straight into a 4x4 after riding across a junction without looking.


Gender disparity in e-scooter riders

EV Law News
August 8, 2022

A recent study shows there's a gender dispartity in electric scooter users with many more male riders than female.

Lady on an E-Scooter

E-scooters: legalisation and regulations

EV Law News
July 27, 2022

Victims in accidents involving illegally ridden e-scooters face a needlessly troublesome battle for compensation, in accordance with a report calling for legalisation and regulation for the electric-powered vehicles.

Lime e-Scooters

How e-scooters are regulated in Europe?

EV Law News
July 21, 2022

You can love them or hate them, but electric scooters have become something of a fixture in many European countries, from France to Germany or Italy, including the eastern block

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