RTA Law has built a reputation in supporting clients with complex and life-altering injuries

The impact of a serious injury can be life changing. There is a lot to come to terms with. As well as the physical injury, most also have to adjust psychologically and consider their new “normal.”

We specialise in complex and serious injuries at RTA Law. We have a wealth of knowledge in dealing with complex and life altering injuries including; brain and spinal injuries, amputations and polytrauma.

We will go to see our clients in person as early as possible. This often involves a visit to hospital and then again once they have been discharged home. It is important to get an understanding from both the client and their family and friends as to the environment they will be returning to. This then allows us to instruct the right team to assist in the recovery process.

Private Rehabilitation

A collaborative approach with insurers is key. Early involvement of a case manager to co-ordinate the discharge home and make sure all required rehabilitation and equipment is available. The importance of rehabilitation cannot be overstated and it is at the centre of what we are working towards.

Our main aim is to try and get our clients as close to the position they were prior to the life altering incident. This can be challenging, but with the correct input, new goals and aspirations can be set and achieved.

The NHS will be involved in the early stages of medical care and rehabilitation, but we will always push for early private provision to further our clients progress.

Vocational Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation does not stop at getting someone home. After a life altering injury, you may not be able to return to your pre-incident employment, but we will make sure consideration is taken to transferrable skills or support to return to amended duties. Employment can give someone a sense of purpose and identity.

We strive to make sure all avenues are considered to get a client back to as close as possible, their pre injury position.

Client stories and videos

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RTA Law Complex Injury Conference 2022

On 8th September 2022, RTA LAW co-hosted a Complex Injury Conference at Wealthflow Group's offices, 8 Charlotte Square, Edinburgh.

A range of delegates with Healthcare or Legal backgrounds attended the conference which was also streamed live as a webinar.

The purpose of the conference was to demonstrate that when leading experts in Personal Injury work collaboratively, they can achieve a better outcome for their clients.

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