Manas at UCI World Champs

Between 3rd and 13th August, Scotland hosted the 2023 UCI Cycling World Championships. It was the largest ever cycling event in history and involved 8000 athletes from 130 countries.

I volunteered to support the Individual Time Trials Competition which was held in Stirling between the 9th and 11th of August.

I was so excited to be part of the event and understand what might be expected of us as volunteers.

We all had to attend an induction course to meet each other and receive a full briefing on the event itself. Working alongside an extraordinary team, really made the event what it was.

UCI Briefing

We were presented with a comprehensive volunteer kit that included a bag, two t-shirts, a cap, and a rain jacket. All of these were useful items, especially in Scotland. They not only made us look the part but were nice mementos to have from the event.

As I’d travelled down from Aberdeen, I was provided with accommodation, and we were also given a wristband to access food and drinks throughout the three days. They had to keep us well fed and watered so that we could maintain our enthusiasm throughout the event!

My role as a volunteer was in the ‘Field of Play’ which was at the starting point of the race. It was my job to guide the participants to their respective practice pit. It really was incredible to be up close and personal with so many amazing athletes from across the world! Witnessing all the athletes practise and prepare for their races with so much dedication was just such a unique experience.

TT Winners

We were able to stay and watch the races after our shifts which was such a privilege. Seeing the athletes sprint up the final hill to finish at Stirling Castle was an incredible sight and really showcased Scotland on the world cycling stage. It must need a significant amount of fitness and practice to be that good and so I couldn’t wait to get back out on two wheels when I got home!

Overall, it was an excellent experience, and I would jump at the opportunity to volunteer again. It was an honour to be part of such an historic event and is something I’ll never forget.

As cycling is such a passion of mine, being able to give back to the community and get access to the best in the world was a truly unique experience.

The UCI World Cycling Championship was more than just a cycling event; it was a journey of inspiration, teamwork and giving back.


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