Claimable Losses and Damages for Cyclists

You can claim for any loss which arises as a direct consequence of the road traffic collision.

Unfortunately, as a cyclist, you are exposed to the risk of serious injury and, if you have been injured, it may take some time for the injuries to heal. The value of your claim for personal injury very much depends upon the type of injury sustained and the recovery you have made or are likely to make.

We can arrange to have you medically examined by a specialist medical expert, who will be able to assess the extent of your injuries and the likely recovery period.

In serious injury cases, you can also claim for care needs, future care needs and requirements, as well as alternative or specially adapted accommodation.

Motorcycling Injuries

Cycle Accident Claim Process with Cycle Law Scotland

At our first meeting with you, Cycle Law Scotland will discuss your case in detail, provide sound legal advice on your prospect of success and set out clear options on how best to recover the maximum monetary value of your claim for cycle accident compensation in the shortest possible time.

Once you've given Cycle Law Scotland the go-ahead, we will submit a claim to the party at fault or their insurance company detailing your case against them and requesting they admit liability.

We will consider all the evidence and fully investigate your case. Photographs, eyewitness accounts and police reports will be obtained to assist in establishing liability or fault.

We will ask you to undergo a medical examination so we can determine the extent of any injuries or long-term damage you may have sustained in the accident.

Offer Evaluation and Court Proceedings

If liability is admitted, we will value your claim based on the injuries sustained, damage to your bicycle and cycling equipment, any expenses incurred and loss of income.

We will submit our valuation of your claim to your opponent’s insurance company and invite them to make an offer based on our assessment of your claim.

When an offer is received, we will provide you with clear advice on whether to accept or reject the offer.

If we feel the offer is too low, we will guide you through the next steps. This may include raising a Court action. Raising proceedings in court come at no cost or risk to you.

If liability is disputed and we consider you have a 50% prospect of success, we will raise proceedings in court which, thanks to our 'no win no fee' policy, will be undertaken at no cost or risk to you.

What You Can Claim For

You can claim for any loss which arises as a direct consequence of the incident.

You must prove the loss and you must show the loss is reasonable. We can discuss your case with you and explain what a loss is and what you can claim for. We recognise that injuries will vary in severity and have provided a helpful guide in our Cycling Injuries Section.

No Win, No Fee

The Timescales

At Cycle Law Scotland, we will deal with your claim efficiently, effectively and in the shortest possible time without risking the success of your case or the value of your claim.

CLS Legal Protection

No Financial Risk

Our experienced solicitors will assess your case and will advise on the prospects of success. The advantage to you is that we will accept the risk. This means that we won’t ask you for any payment upfront. We will fund your case and, in the unlikely event you are unsuccessful, you walk away with nothing to pay.

Our Recent Case Studies

A tale of two Councils and an expansion joint

A damaged bridge expansion joint causes a cyclist to come off and sustain serious injuries. However, a denial of ownership and responsibility between two councils causes problems and inevitable delays.

Road racing legend injured by pothole

Jocky Johnstone, well known Scottish road racing legend, is badly injured when thrown off his bike after hitting a deep pothole.

Dooring incident causes psychological trauma

Colleen always had a passion for cycling. She would typically cycle around 125 miles per week and occasionally over 100 miles in a day.

Cyclist forced off road

Cyclist forced off road whilst trying to avoid a collision with a negligent driver.

What our clients say.

"Quick, smooth and very straight forward. I couldn't be happier with the outcome. Very responsive to my calls and wouldn't hesitate to you use them again if the need arises, although hopefully not!"
Charlie O’Hara
"Cycle Law Scotland were brilliant from start to finish. Throughout the whole process of my claim, their communication was fantastic and they handled my case with skill and professionalism. At first I wasn't sure whether to take legal action after my accident because I was worried it would be too complicated, but I'm really glad I did. Cycle Law Scotland took the stress out and made the whole process very easy. I couldn't recommend them enough. Thank you!"
Kate Osmond
"Very lovely to deal with, took time to explain everything and felt nothing was an issue. Can’t thank all the staff enough."
Ashley Farquharson

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VIE Velo cycling club pairing visually impaired riders with sighted pilots on tandem bicycles to ride socially in and around Edinburgh.

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