Car performing a u-turn just beyond the bend

On the 14th of July, Jim was out riding his Triumph Explorer. He was making his way home to High Valleyfield in Fife having been in Stirling that day and was riding in an easterly direction on the B9037. This road is bordered by considerably dense foliage on either side of the road.

As Jim negotiated a left-hand bend with limited sightlines, he was horrified to be faced with a car driver attempting to perform a u-turn just beyond the bend. The car was broadside to him blocking both carriageways. Jim had insufficient time to react and collided with the driver’s offside door. He was thrown from his motorcycle and landed heavily on the tarmac.

Jim needed treatment at hospital for his injuries

Although injured, Jim was able to get to his feet. He spoke to the driver to ask him what he had been doing. The driver explained that he had missed his turn and was just heading back in the direction he had come from!

Jim had fractured his wrist in the collision but managed to get help to move his motorcycle before making his way to hospital.

Getting in touch with Motorcycle Law Scotland

Recalling that he had met us at a motorcycle show, Jim got in touch to discuss what options were available to him. We were able to take on his claim straight away and set to work on building his case. We intimated the claim to the insurers of the car driver on the basis their policyholder had created a hazard through their negligent driving. Attempting a U-turn so close to a bend, especially with restricted views for any approaching traffic, was clearly negligent.

Unfortunately, the insurers were not exactly pro-active. However, we are and so our in-house specialist motorcycling investigator attended the accident scene with Jim so that he could explain in more detail the restricted sightlines and when he could first have seen the car.

Pictures and measurements were taken. We also spoke with Police Officers and all available witnesses. This allowed us to build our case leaving the insurers with no option but to negotiate settlement.

Motorcycling Injuries

We take our job very seriously

When you have been involved in a collision and are in pain from your injuries, the last thing you need is to gather your own evidence. That’s your Solicitor’s job and one we take very seriously. Attending the scene and taking detailed statements from witnesses is just one part of the tailored legal package that we can offer.

Our Award Winning Team

Brenda Mitchell - Senior Partner

Brenda Mitchell

Senior Partner

Brenda has been a Personal Injury Lawyer for over 35 years and for the last 20 years has specialised representing injured motorcyclists, cyclists and pedestrians.

Jodi Gordon - Partner

Jodi Gordon


Jodi has predominantly represented cyclists involved in road traffic collisions and specialises in assisting those who have suffered very serious and complex injury.

Thomas Mitchell - Associate

Thomas Mitchell


Thomas represents clients who have been involved in road traffic incidents and he specialises in representing vulnerable road users such as pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists.

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