Untraced driver claim for motorcyclist

Motorcycle Law

Tailored approach makes all the difference in untraced driver claim.

Seeking justice for under-settled motorcycle claim

Motorcycle Law

Car enters roundabout without giving way and collides with motorcyclist already established on the roundabout.

Insurer tries to defend head on collision with motorcyclist based on automatism

Motorcycle Law

Insurer denies liability for a head on collision with a motorcyclist caused by their driver and tries to uses the defence of automatism.

Cows on the road

Motorcycle Law

When cows stray onto a road due to an insecure gate, the farmer was liable for the motorcyclist's injury which was caused as a result of a collision.

Classic SMIDSY at Junction

Motorcycle Law

A car pulls straight out in front of Richard at a junction just north of Jedburgh.

A tale of two Councils and an expansion joint

Cycle Law

A damaged bridge expansion joint causes a cyclist to come off and sustain serious injuries. However, a denial of ownership and responsibility between two councils causes problems and inevitable delays.

Road racing legend injured by pothole

Cycle Law

Jocky Johnstone, well known Scottish road racing legend, is badly injured when thrown off his bike after hitting a deep pothole.

Dooring incident causes psychological trauma

Cycle Law

Colleen always had a passion for cycling. She would typically cycle around 125 miles per week and occasionally over 100 miles in a day.

David - Tractor w/ Snow Plough

David hit by tractor with snow plough


David was driving to work when a tractor suddenly collided with the side of his vehicle at a junction near Banff in Aberdeenshire.

Frederick Street, Edinburgh

Zebra crossings are not always safe havens

Pedestrian RTA Law

Rob was involved in a road traffic accident on 15th March around midnight. He was on his way home after having a couple drinks in an Edinburgh bar with friends

Knocked over on pelican crossing

Pedestrian RTA Law

On a Sunday afternoon in December Ms G, a primary teacher, was making her way home. She utilised a staggered Pelican Crossing in order to safely cross Glasgow Road.

Car mounts pavement and hits pedestrian

Pedestrian RTA Law

Philippa Hope approached Jodi Gordon at a walking and cycling event in October and described how she had been involved in a road traffic incident in January. 

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Ian Davis

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