Car pulls out in front of experienced motorcyclist

It was mid August when Richard was out for a ride on his motorcycle on the A68 just a few miles north of Jedburgh. Richard is an accomplished and vastly experienced motorcyclist. He is a Senior Observer with the Institute of Advance Motorcyclists and he has been an advanced rider for over 20 years.

Richard was travelling south on the A68 when he approached a junction with the A698 to his right. Richard intended to continue south on the A68. Howerver, as he got nearer to the junction, he became aware of a car approaching from the A698. The car pulled out across the northbound lane of the A68, moved into the central filter area with the intention of turning right and stopped. Richard was about 50 metres away travelling at around 45 mph when, 2 metres from the junction itself, the driver suddenly just pulled out and hit Richard’s motorcycle.


Rehabilitation goals met without issue 

Richard was taken to Border General Hospital before being transferred to the Major Trauma Unit at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh. He sustained fractures to his pelvis, clavicle, and ribs.

Richard was extremely pro-active in his recovery. With funds from the driver’s insurance company for the appointment of a case manager, Richard started his rehabilitation in earnest.

Richard’s excellent attitude towards rehabilitation and treatment meant that within six months, he was discharged from the care of the case manager. He was around 90% recovered and met his rehabilitation goals of walking over 3 miles without issue, working with chainsaws and other heavy equipment, tending to his land, and getting back to his hobbies.


Drivers need to #Take Another Look

A settlement was negotiated within around seven months of the accident. However, there is one hobby Richard may not ever return to, his beloved motorcycle.

This happens day in and day out. Motorcyclists are left broken when drivers pull out in front of them at junctions. It happens to so many motorcyclists, even the most accomplished. Yes, the case was settled but Richard suffered months of pain and a complete disruption to his life and hobbies. It’s left a long lasting mark upon him and all because a driver simply failed to Take Another Look.

Our Award Winning Team

Brenda Mitchell - Senior Partner

Brenda Mitchell

Senior Partner

Brenda has been a Personal Injury Lawyer for over 35 years and for the last 20 years has specialised representing injured motorcyclists, cyclists and pedestrians.

Jodi Gordon - Partner

Jodi Gordon


Jodi has predominantly represented cyclists involved in road traffic collisions and specialises in assisting those who have suffered very serious and complex injury.

Thomas Mitchell - Associate

Thomas Mitchell


Thomas represents clients who have been involved in road traffic incidents and he specialises in representing vulnerable road users such as pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists.

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